Dealing with Individuals Different Training Needs

A big problem for instructors is ensuring the right people are attending the course level appropriate to their skill level. Online training ensures the right training is delivered to the right people. Read on to learn more …

Managing individual training needs

No Two People Are The Same

I have noticed that people attending courses are usually broken down into 1 of 4 groups:

  1. People who WANT to be there
  2. People who want to be there but only to learn a SPECIFIC section within the Course
  3. People have a real need but DON’T know what they don’t know! They have been on plenty of training courses and think this will be the same as every other course
  4. People who DONT want to be there

Group 1 – Participants Who Want To Be There

Most participants come on a course to gain knowledge so they can use that knowledge.   Usually Group 1 participant’s sign up for a course with specific requirements. They are also willing to learn anything new that can increase their productivity. I often think of this delegate as coming in ‘Spongue Mode; they are willing to soak up any information that they can re-use and learn any new skill that could help them work more effectively.

Online Training is an ideal provider for this Group 1 participants.  There is unlimited material. They are not bound to material that can only be delivered within a one day course.

Group 2 – Participants Who Have Interest In Only A Particular Topic

With traditional instructor led training, group 2 participants have to sit through an entire course. They usually switch off, and continue on with their own work; sending e-mails and excusing themselves to make or take phone calls.

Online Training is an ideal provider for Group 2 participants. With an online model, participants have the flexibility to access only the module or modules they are interested in. They do not have to waste valuable hours in a training venue. They can focus on what needs to be learned, when it needs to be learned.

Group 3 – Participants Who Have A need But Don’t Realise Training Will Benefit Them

Group 3 participants usually approach the course with no specific requirement and more often than not would rather be back at their desk. They are more interested in checking e-mails, sending text messages etc… They feel the course is a waste of a day. My job it to engage with them and gain their confidence. Sometimes a challenge, but always worth it! These delegates usually walk away surprised that they enjoyed it and more importantly extremely benefited from it.

Group 4 -Participants Who DON’T Want To Be There

Online Training for Group 4 participants can pose a challenge but can also be the ideal training provider. Depending on how the online model is designed, users can be given a suggested module list based on their current role. They can also complete modules completely at their own time, at their own pace without interrupting the flow to their daily activities.

Content And Delivery Is Key

As an established instructor led trainer, I have leaned heavily on all my experience and in doing so have successfully tailored online training programs to cater for a wide range of participants. After all, any training program is only as good as the content and delivery method.