Re-Use Training Material – Don’t Waste It

Every time you brush your teeth, do you purchase a new toothbrush? No. Why? Because it would be wasteful and you know the same toothbrush is effective for many times.  Lets Brush up our skills.  Read more….

Do once - use many times. Reuse training modules

Let’s Re-Use, Re-Cycle Existing Training Material

Like a toothbrush, the same training course can be used over and over again providing consistent, quality and effective material.

Are you a trainer like me or does your business provide training? Did you ever say to yourself at the beginning of a training session “Here I go again…” or do you see a trend where your business provides the same training course over and over again usually to different audiences but not always.

Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

Even the best, most experienced trainers can lose some passion when repeating the same material on a regular basis. With traditional classroom led training there is ONE delivery for ONE audience. With online training, there is ONE delivery for an UNLIMITED audience. Why not free up more of your time to focus on other parts of your business? Instead of delivering the same course multiple times, you can use your time to develop other training, whilst at the same time benefit by having a much wider audience with your online training modules always available.

No Two Classroom Course Are The Same

If I deliver the same course twice in a classroom environment, the two courses will never be the same. Despite following a course outline, the level of the participants together with time limitations of a course may slow down the pace and result in not all of the course outline being completed. Conversely, if the knowledge level of the participants is high, I find myself teaching all of the course outline and more! Not a bad thing you might say. But in reality, there may not be consistency.

Online Courses ARE Consistent 

When I record a training session, I design the course content working closely with the client to ensure that all needs are met and all topics included. This means that everyone taking the online course is learning the SAME quality material, with the advantage that they can do it at their own pace. Staff or Clients who take the training can no longer use the excuse of

That wasn’t actually covered – we ran out of time!

Let’s talk about that toothbrush again. One toothbrush can be used for many teeth cleaning sessions. One training course can be used to deliver many, many training sessions. Think about the time, money and productivity you are wasting by using a new toothbrush everytime you clean your teeth.  Come on – Let’s brush up on our skills!