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Welcome to Your Online Training, the home of customised training solutions for Microsoft 365 products including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Power BI, Teams, One Drive and SharePoint. Transform the way you work and achieve better results faster with expert guidance and cutting-edge knowledge you can apply instantly!

Your Microsoft 365 mentor Eithne Dolan has more than 30 years’ experience sharing her knowledge of Microsoft products, empowering people across the globe to embrace new technologies and enjoy effortless work processes

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Eithne Provides customised training courses for Microsoft 365 applications based on individual or group needs


Meet Eithne, your Microsoft 365 training mentor

Eithne has devoted her career to sharing her knowledge of Microsoft programs, empowering people across the globe in a diverse range of roles and industries to transform the way they work.  Eithne’s energetic, supportive and down-to-earth approach puts learners at ease and enables them to get to the core of their Microsoft 365 needs and challenges with practical, step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand and replicate.

Why choose Your Online Training?


I have been working in the I.T. industry for 30 years, of which the last twenty have been dedicated to providing instructor led IT technology training across a diverse range of sectors and technologies. I have a huge passion for teaching.  Training is not just about providing valuable information.  To me good delivery of a training course dictates success.  It’s also about the approach, simplification of processes and allowing the learner learn what they need to learn in a stress free, easy accessible manner.

Your Online Training delivers solutions that are tailored to your unique workplace needs. Whether you want to expedite time-consuming recurring tasks or consolidate data from multiple sources for one, easy-to-understand report, your training course will be customised to address your specific goals.


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help you achieve better results and transform your work day!

  • Tailored training to meet the unique requirements of individuals and groups
  • Comprehensive Microsoft 365 training available in a single location
  • Significant, hands-on, and immediately relevant!

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